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Get ready to celebrate the rich and vibrant culture of Goa with our Goa Girl Indian State Fancy Dress Costume! This costume is perfect for kids and adults who want to embody the spirit of this beautiful Indian state. The outfit includes a colorful and traditional sari-style dress with intricate designs and matching accessories such as bangles and a bindi. Whether it's for a cultural event, a school play, or just for dress-up fun, this costume is sure to make you stand out! Made with high-quality materials, this costume is comfortable to wear and will transport you to the captivating and lively atmosphere of Goa. Complete the look with a pair of sandals and get ready to dance to the beat of Goan music in style!

Goa State Fancy Dress Costume for Kids

₹2,490.00 Regular Price
₹1,245.00Sale Price
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