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Helen Mehbooba Bollywood Costume

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Hairband, Blouse, Arm Bands, Slit Skirt

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Hairband, Blouse, Arm Bands, Slit Skirt


Have you been looking for the iconic “Mehbooba O Mehbooba” costume, but in vain? Presenting the very popular, yet rare costume to end your search.

Every Bollywood fanatic has grooved to this evergreen song. The legendary actress Helen sizzled the audience with her moves and costume. Our product set consists of shimmery green blouse full of sequins, a slit skirt with yellow and green sequins, arm bands and hair band. The design as accurate as it gets to the original as popularised by Helen. Thed fabric is breezy, comfortable to wear and super flowy. The colours are vibrant and durable.

We recommend you to purchase this product at the earliest since it is very rare to find and the stock is running out soon. Experience the true essence of Bollywood and vintage in this funky Mehbooba attire.


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Helen Mehbooba Bollywood Costume

Helen Mehbooba Bollywood Costume

Hairband, Blouse, Arm Bands, Slit Skirt

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