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Black Widow Adult
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Black Widow Adult


Black Widow Adult

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Black Widow Adult

Now you can become one of your favorite Marvel superheroes! Black jumpsuit and belt. Fits adult women's medium sizes 10-14


Tired of looking for your favourite super hero costume, but in vain? We present to you the very unique Black Widow costume to meet your eager expectation.

The Black Widow is a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats, expert martial artist as well a trained ballerina. The costume is a perfect cross between a super hero and a street walker.It comes in a black catsuit with a belt and the Black Widow logo on the midriff. Pair it up with boots and you’re good to go.Bring out your inner Scarlett Johansson in this catsuit which is ultra comfortable to wear. The body-hugging design accentuates your features to help you look like the ideal replication of Black Widow.


Since this product is quite rare, we recommend the earliest purchase lest the stock slips out of your hand. This is undoubtedly the best gift any Marvel fan can lay her hands on.

Bold and Beautiful Black widow Adult 


The First Lady Avenger, the Black widow has her style and boldness. 

This superhero from Marvel Cinematic Universe is very famous, andshe can do a lot of things most guys can't. 

She is a great fighter and hasan exceptionally accurate aim. She is one of the first superheroes to join the Avengers. 

CostumeKart is here to provide you that feeling.

The costume we have today is a replicaof the costumewhich Black Widow wore in her last movie. The costumelooks very bold and stylish this is a costume for those adult girls who always wanted to be boldand do whatever they want this costume is a sign of freedom and symbolizes that women are equal as men. The costumehas a black jumpsuit, andit also contains a belt. This costume is very stunning, andit has impeccable design the all-black look of the costumealso complements the beauty of this suit. It is perfect for Comic-con, Halloween, Marvel Conventions, and theme-based house parties. So buy this costume of Black Widow and be as awesomeas she is in her day to day life. Be confident, Be BOLD.


Box Measurements 
Each Item in Inches  
L: 16
W: 13
Cubes: 6.24
Weight: lbs 
Gross: 1.45
Net: 1.45
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