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Mascots of Motu, Patlu, Minnie, Mickey, Doremon and many others.


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Intelligent and Humble Patlu Adult Mascot Costume in yellow and maroon 



Motu Patlu undoubtedly is the most famous cartoon show made in India. There are two main characters in the show. First one is Motu, a very kind-hearted person who loves to eat samosas and by eating them, he gains a little power temporarily and helps others to defeat the bad guy. The second one is Patlu, the intelligent one in this show. He is a very wise man and knows how to tackle stressful situations, and he is the guy who always cleans up the mess made by Motu. He is a very good friend and also a good person.

This is the costume of the wise one Patlu, this costume is very awesome and made with great care the costume shows how much you love your kid and the effort you, are trying to make him happy. The costume has a big Patlu face, padded top wearing a yellow kurta, white mascot gloves, and maroon coloured mascot trousers. This is Patlu costume colours are very vibrant. The costume looks amazingly good, and it can be worn in different occasions like Birthdays, fancy dress competitions, etc. Comfortable to wear and remove, soft on the skin and comfortable.

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