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Premium Quality Hard Foamed head

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These costume of mascots are suitable for groups these can be wornon various occasions. Like on Halloween, performing on stages, Big Parties, fancy dress competitions, Theme based parties, etc. It is saidthat mascots bring luck and everyone wants to be lucky. These costumes are very goofy and fun. Wear these costumes and go out annoy people, make them laugh or anything, have fun. Everybody loves these mascots as they are always goofing around or doing some stupid things and not caring what other people think about them. For the group, we got minions costumes and the costume of Disney characters. These costumes are perfect,andthe fabric is fantastic, the costumeis soft on the skin, the costumehas breathable space it is very easyto wear and remove. The colors are authentic, andthe print is exceptional, andthe colors do not fade even in the long run or washed a lot of time. These costumes are for everyone. Kids, adults, male, female, etc. Buy these costume now and have hours of fun with your family and friends.

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this product contains how many cartoons

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    Premium Mascots

    Premium Mascots

    Premium Quality Hard Foamed head

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