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Deadpool Mask Balaclava
  • Deadpool Mask Balaclava

Deadpool Mask Balaclava


Deadpool Mask Balaclava

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Deadpool Mask Balaclava

Merc with a Mouth Deadpool Mask Balaclava


In 2016, for the first time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe history, we saw the evilest Superhero ever, and the name of this character is Deadpool.

Known by many nicknames, but the most famous is ‘Merc with a Mouth.’

In the comics, Deadpool is a super funny fictional character with some of the most amazing superpowers we have ever seen like Superfast healing, Immortality, Regeneration of a body part and teleportation.

This anti-hero is also a paid assassin, andthis character is slowly becoming a fan favorite. 

The mask CostumeKart presents you today is the mask of Deadpool, and this mask is super awesome. Thisis a very cooland stunning mask, soft on the skin and very comfortable to wear and remove, this isa no chemical mask, soit does not harm your hair or your face. The maincolor is red, andthe black coloraround the eyes are just like shown in Deadpool and Deadpool 2. It is easily washable, and the colours do not fade even in the long-run, this mask is suitable for Marvel conventions, playing ‘guess who,’ Halloween and Comic-con. This mask is of excellent quality, and it does not tear easily.